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Buffer zones

"Counteracting urbanisation and contending with the impact of climate change"

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Strengthening habitat buffer zones

The new map's use of level-2 LDU data (see Glossary) reveals the areas that have a great need for creation/restoration of biodiversity, but display the highest degree of fragmentation. Consequently these buffer areas are likely to be appropriate for small-scale project activity that will safeguard them for the future.

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Challenge 1: ‘Networking nature’
The Forum recognises that traditional conservation methods, often created small, isolated sites. To achieve a more connected landscape the Forum needs to harness local conservation activity to contribute to a strategic and holistic vision of the Region's natural environment. This objective will require functional linking of the Region's natural sites, hence 'Networking nature'.

The Forum has ensured its environmental opportunity map has been adopted at the regional level and appreciates it now needs to encourage local development frameworks to integrate 'networking nature' opportunities into their plans.

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