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"A complex mosaic of biodiversity"

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Thousands of nature reserves and SSSIs

The East of England has a substantial environmental asset-base with 29 SACs, 23 SPAs and 25 Ramsar sites:

  • The SACs are widely distributed throughout the East of England. While many are small, there are large SACs along the coast, including the Wash and Norfolk Coast and Suffolk and Essex estuaries.

  • Most SPAs and Ramsar sites are located on or near the coast, with only a few inland - viz. Breckland, the Fens, Nene Washes and the Ouse.

  • Also scattered across this countryside are over 500 Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI’s) representing almost 7% of the land area.

  • There are three complete Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB’s), plus the eastern edge of the Chilterns.

  • There are two stretches of Heritage Coast and also the Norfolk Broads National Park.

  • 1.5% of the Region is designated National Nature Reserve.

  • Finally, no less important, are over 6000 Local Wildlife & Geological Sites, plus numerous local nature reserves, allotments and parks.

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Challenge 2: ‘Realising biodiversity's true value’
Biodiversity has much to offer. It contributes to the Region's economic prosperity. It makes a social contribution too. Yet authorities too often overlook its value and the public, who know little about it, have restricted access to it as well.

The Forum is aiming to make both authorities and the public better aware of biodiversity's contributions and ensure access to it is increased.

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Challenge 6: ‘Enhancing the evidence base’
In order for the Forum to effectively tackle its various targets it needs a good combination of local and regional data on which to base conservation decisions and allocate its often scarce conservation resources.

In this Region there is a gap between the demand for data and its supply, as well as some deficiencies in its quality. The Forum intends to address this gap and overcome the data shortcomings so as to be better able to address UK BAP priority habitats and species requirements.

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